Cheri Lynn Friedman
For more than 30 years, Cheri Lynn Friedman has been practicing the art and science of interior design. She holds a professional degree in interior design from Harrington Institute of Interior Design and is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.). Cheri is a keen observer and a careful listener. She understands that each client has specific goals, tastes, and life experiences. Cheri skillfully creates spaces that fit each client's unique personality and style to suit their particular needs. Her meticulous room designs, furniture, color, and accessory selections build a backdrop for the clients' rituals of life to create spaces that are visually stunning and warm.

Since founding her Chicago-based interior design firm, Cheri has designed home and offices in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Tiburon, Palo Alto, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Apsen, and the greater Chicago area from the Gold Coast to Lake Forest.

Cheri began rehearsing her aesthetic skills at the age of 4, when she insisted that certain fabrics be used to make stuffed animal blankets with contrasting pillows. All of her after school energy was spent building and decorating a home-made doll house. Cheri made the wallpaper and crafted the furniture. She was not an easy child to please, but this rehersal and perseverance benefits every one of her clients. Even during adolescence, Cheri would help her friends redecorate their bedrooms. She designed the mosaic floor outside her high school gymnasium. Her passion for design coupled with her education, intense work ethic, and personalization orchestrate a successful relationship with her clients.

Cheri explores her client's hopes and dreams. She recognizes that the most important variable in design is the lifestyle of the people living in the home - and the firm culture of the employees working in the office. Cheri creates warm, personalized and sophisticated environments for her clients. Rooms have a timeless appeal - a style that works now and tomorrow.